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Project Portfolio

InchMark Architects is proud to present a selection of our key projects.

For enquiries, feel free to get in touch through our contact page

We’re proud of all of our outstanding projects from around the city, and invite you to take a look and get inspired. From the Residential Building to the Residential Community, we’re able to design whatever our clients need. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our work and to see how we can turn your dream into a reality.



Project:  Avasa Township, Indore
Client:    Shree Vijayji Varma
Area:      1000 sq. ft
Status:   Completed

With a detour to the Mid - Century, turned an Indore apartment into an airy, modern haven. Our focus was to make the, 1000- square - feet apartment feel vibrant and open. 
Keeping the original structure intact we layered in teak wood panelling and pastel upholstery, creating a combined sense of warmth and levity.


Project:  Lucky baker's, Indore
Client:    Shree Dilipji Najan
Area:      550 sq. ft
Status:   Completed

When we first visited the site in Jan’22 from the beginning, it was quite easy to imagine that this could be an amazing project, as the space itself has a lot of nice qualities.
The cosy atmosphere is a feeling that results from a multitude of details: natural materials, colours, the round shapes of the furniture, lighting & arches for this bakery.
Cove’s behind the main counter are used to display the selection of breads & biscuits.

AG7_8722 (1).jpg

Project:  Ashish Nagar, Indore
Client:    Shree Kunalji Pareekh
Area:      250 sq. ft
Status:   Completed

New “Master Bedroom” 
That’s what happens when you work with the space correctly - remove the wall between the dressing room and the bedroom, turning the wall into wide opening. This brought the room and a dressing room together. And instead of small dressing room, a full dressing appeared in the room.
As for designing, it’s simple - we replaced the furniture with... The furniture. But how different does it look!


Project:   London Bubble Co ,Indore
Client:     Amit Ji Gupta
Built Up:  500 Sq. Ft.
Status:    Completed



Project:   Shambhal ,Indore,M.P.
Client:     Shree Shrikantji Deshmuk
Built Up:  1500 sq. ft
Status:    Completed

This tight size plot of 1500 Sq. ft situated in residential area of Pragati nagar  in Indore was a challenge for us in making sure that we deliver them their dream home with zero compromise on the functionality and aesthetic aspect.This residential project named Shambhal is a beautiful example of how all the requirements can be achieved within a restricted plot area.

 The planning of the complete house is as per Vaastu compliance. Their requirement was of four bedrooms with living, dinning, kitchen and all needful amenities.


Project:  Toto Dream Marketing, Indore 

Client:    Shree Radhika Ji

 Area:     500 sq. ft

Status:   Completed

The clients wanted the office to be spacious and minimal. In order to give that formal and modern touch to the space, materials like wood, glass, metal were introduced. Using earthy colours in the upholstery made the space more vibrant and inviting.


Project:  Nanded City, Pune,Maharashtra
Client:    Shree Vishwasji More
Area:      850 sq. ft
Status:   Completed

The house is richly layered and textured with a judicious mix of materials, which extends into the choice of furniture, furnishings and artwork. The foyer opens up into a seamless space for living, and dining , opening into deck that overlooks the garden with lots of trees in south-west corner.


Project:  Terrace Garden, Indore
Client:    Shree Dilipji Najan
Area:      200 sq. ft
Status:   Completed

“Having a space where can sit and relax!”

This is a beautiful terrace garden that we have recently designed.

The client wanted a space where they could relax and enjoy their family time. Also, could occasionally arrange a small gatherings with a beautiful outside view.

We have proposed a platform with kadappa stone and modern contemporary pergola design. The swing is made from sagwan wood with green garden area for kids to have enough place to play and enjoy. Importantly, this has been designed economically fulfilling clients budgeting requirements for this project.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-14 at 2_edited.jpg

Project:  Shree Sai Academy, Mhow
Client:    Shree Govindji Baghel
Area:      1500sq. ft
Status:   Completed


vyankatesh nagar.jpeg

Project:  Renovation Project, Indore, M.P. 

Client:    Shree Girish Gangwal

 Area:     700 sq. ft

Status:   Completed

The project turns an 1300 Sq.ft. with a distinctive character, now proud to tell its story through space, light and materials. The tight budget constraints and the old house unappealing character were seen as catalysts for practical, creative solutions.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-28 at 11.10.21 PM

Project:   Jewelry Design store ,Indore
Client:     Shree Shivamji Deshmuk
Built Up:  250 sq. ft
Status:    Completed

Displays were customized by having a simple brown backdrop with optimum lighting and minimum design elements, which would only highlight the product displayed. Thus the focus was maintained on the showcased jewelry.
Fixtures such as glass cabinet displays, drawer units, wall shelves and showcases.
Lighting is a key design component in a jewelry store that focuses a viewer's attention on merchandise. Lighting choices include ambient, accent, shelf, case, perimeter and valance.


Project:  Doctor's House, Alirajpur, M.P. 

Client:    Shree Dr. Baria

 Area:     2100 sq. ft

Status:   Ongoing

When our clients are willing to open them selves and their lives during the design process that we can find out about them and incorporate that into the story of the home.


Project:   HAIT 12 ,Rajkot, Gujrat
Client:     Shree Manishbhai Vadodariya
Built Up:  2500 sq. ft
Status:    Ongoing

The architecture and interiors of this residence is defined by a dialogue between simple clean lines and bold usage of exposed concrete. Greys of concrete and its patterns is the first thing which strikes one’s eyes and gives a contemporary flavour to the structure.

Exterior is very simple and needful being subtle and stands out in the surrounding. The simple cuboid mass with one box little jutting out holds master bedroom on the second floor .

As one enters through North facing entry, having immediate car parking followed by entry foyer which is cozy and needful having nice grill pattern to give sufficient privacy from the neighbouring houses. It further falls into living area, having dining area and kitchen next to each other. There is also a parent bedroom at ground level in North – East Corner.


Project:  Sherring Earth, Indore, M.P. 

Client:    Shree Vaibhav Ji Patni

 Area:    1200 sq. ft

Status:   Ongoing

Modifying a house plan completely according to clients requirements.


Project:  Oyster Greenmount city, Indore 

Client:    Shree Shikha Ji And Nidhi Ji

 Area:    3000 sq. ft

Status:   Ongoing 



Project:  Golf Greens, Indore 

Client:    Shree Akash Ji

 Area:    2100 sq. ft

Status:   Ongoing 


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