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InchMark Architects is leading Architectural design firm based in Indore(M.P.), established by Ar. Prachi Jain in 2017, with a view to make design process as a journey of discovery.

Our services are aimed at end to end design of spaces ranging from building architecture to interior design of residences and corporate offices.

Our key strengths include:

• Close collaboration with the client to understand their goals.

• Ensure a seamless design process producing a successful end result.

• Meticulous attention to the execution of our design.

• Time we dedicate to each client.

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IM Architects is vastly experienced on working across :

Disciplines : Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Renovation and other services.

Sectors : Residential and Corporate.

Styles : Experimental, Contemporary and Sustainable.

Locations :  Pan India - Indore, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Pune, Rajkot.

We possess expertise in entirely bespoke design service :

Renovation :  Multifaceted conservation and planning.

Furniture Design : Built-in cabinetry or a unique custom-made furniture piece.

Construction Details : Careful thought and handcrafted design.

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IM Architect’s design isn’t just about superficial prettiness, but about finer elements of design. We really dig deeper to understand the client’s vision to create a design that they may not realize they want, but the design they need. We adopt the following approaches in design methodology:

• Form Follows Function i.e.  Developing aesthetically pleasing design without loosing the utility factor. • Close attention to detail to improve the environment for clients and users alike.

• Creating a design within Client’s financial consideration.

• Believing in responsive and responsible designs.

• Following a “Re-use”  and  “Less is more"  approach.

• Add value to the life of design.

• Designs are made keeping ease of maintenance in mind.

• Efficient designs while prioritizing energy conservation, low running costs and sustainability.

• All our services are provided with complete cost transparency. We will provide a fixed price or agreed percentage for our design and construction.​​

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