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Few people realize how complex building construction and interior is, that is until they find themselves facing endless variations of calculated design options, building codes, construction contractors and so on. Everything is simple until it gets complicated. Decisions you make will be very costly. No two building projects are exactly the same, so there is no single method to achieving a successful building.

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Who we are

InchMark Architects is leading Architectural design firm based in Indore(M.P.), established by Ar. Prachi Jain in 2017, with a view to make design process as a journey of discovery.

Our services are aimed at end to end design of spaces ranging from building architecture to interior design of residences and corporate offices.

Our key strengths include:

• Close collaboration with the client to understand their goals.

• Ensure a seamless design process producing a successful end result.

• Meticulous attention to the execution of our design.

• Time we dedicate to each client.

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Our Expertise and Specialities

IM Architects is vastly experienced on working across :

Disciplines : Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Renovation and other services.

Sectors : Residential and Corporate.

Styles : Experimental, Contemporary and Sustainable.

Locations :  Pan India - Indore, Bengaluru, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Pune, Rajkot.

We possess expertise in entirely bespoke design service :

Renovation :  Multifaceted conservation and planning.

Furniture Design : Built-in cabinetry or a unique custom-made furniture piece.

Construction Details : Careful thought and handcrafted design.

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Our Approach

IM Architect’s design isn’t just about superficial prettiness, but about finer elements of design. We really dig deeper to understand the client’s vision to create a design that they may not realize they want, but the design they need. We adopt the following approaches in design methodology:

• Form Follows Function i.e.  Developing aesthetically pleasing design without loosing the utility factor. • Close attention to detail to improve the environment for clients and users alike.

• Creating a design within Client’s financial consideration.

• Believing in responsive and responsible designs.

• Following a “Re-use”  and  “Less is more"  approach.

• Add value to the life of design.

• Designs are made keeping ease of maintenance in mind.

• Efficient designs while prioritizing energy conservation, low running costs and sustainability.

• All our services are provided with complete cost transparency. We will provide a fixed price or agreed percentage for our design and construction.​​

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